Friday, 27 November 2015

the wall

With one hard push, he slammed me up against the wall. His hand drew mine up, over my head. Our fingers interlocked and our breath came together.
With his other hand, he slid his fingers under my dress, pulling it up, up, over my stocking tops, sliding his finger over my suspender. 
He gripped my arse.
His mouth at my ear, he whispered my name, just once.
My nipples were so hard, they were numb to the cold wall. He brushed his lips over my neck, and - oh god - I leaned my head back, inviting him in.
He didn’t need another word.
Tugging the rest of my dress up, over my hips, he pulled aside my knickers and touched me.
He chuckled.
“You’re so wet,” he whispered.
“Shh,” I said. “They’ll hear us!” 

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