Tuesday, 8 March 2016


so I got to thinking, about how much I enjoy writing this little blog and how sweet you all have been in  reading my snippets of erotica and letting me know you like my writing. I only originally started this because I found a few bits of naughty writing here and there and I thought they'd be fun to share, but as time has gone on, I have found myself more and more caught up with my day-life and less and less able to commit to writing other things, and then… as I say, I got to thinking… and thinking…. and my thoughts got a little naughty… and I was thinking how much more fun it would be to write like this -

and not to finish the story at the end of the page.

you have me, here, writing weekly teases until June. In June, I will take what I have and start playing with it, see where it grows, where it leads me, and if it works out I'd aim to have finished my first erotic novel by spring 2016. 

between now and then, please do let me know what you like in my writing, so I can please you.

I do so love to please…


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